Call For Papers – Closed

Submissions: Open September 30, 2019 - Close: December 13, 2019

If you missed the deadline to submit you paper/abstract and would like to participate, please contact us at;


September 30, 2019      Submissions open

December 13, 2019        Submissions closed

January 10, 2020           Review process completed

January 17, 2020           Letters of acceptance

January 31, 2020           Presenters registration deadline


First Nation
Early Childhood
Girls Education
Research & Evaluation
Functional Illiteracy
Sustainable Development
Literacy and Technology
Goals and Literacy Programmes


  • Submission of an abstract, presentation or research paper DOES NOT automatically register you as a conference speaker. Conference registration must be completed separately.
  • All communications regarding your abstract will be sent to the email address provided by you in the submission document.

WSL20 Key Factors

Duration of the session 90 minutes (6 speakers)
Venue Oxford University – Colleges
Oral presentation 12 minutes + 3 minutes for Q & A
Number of participants approximately 60 – 80 per venue
Language English
Theme ‘Reading Changes Lives’
Streams Adult literacy, first nation, early childhood, girls education, research and evaluation, functional illiteracy, sustainable development,
literacy and technology, goals and literacy programmes, other… Select one/two streams that best fit the theme of your research.
  •   September 30, 2019       Submissions open
  •   December 13, 2019      Submissions closed
  •   January 10, 2020       Review process completed
  •   January 17, 2020       Letters of acceptance
  •   January 31, 2020       Presenters registration deadline
Registration Submission of an abstract, presentation or research DOES NOT automatically register you as a conference speaker. Conference
registration must be completed separately. As we are only a small charitable group, with limited funding, unfortunately, our financial
assistance to attend does not extend to pay speakers fees and/or travel arrangements. Register here!

Process  for Editorial Review

The World Literacy Foundation conference organisers will review your submission. The editorial review period; on a rolling basis and no later than mid January.

Criteria being considered when reviewing the proposal;

  • Relevance of the presentation to the WSL theme and programme
  • Creativity, interactivity and engaging dimension of the presentation.
  • Demonstration that the presentation will spark thoughts among participants
  • Clarity and writing style of the proposal

The conference organizers reserve the right to ask applicants to make small adjustments to the shape of their papers to support the needs of the program. 

Presenters may also decide to submit a paper and to have the paper reviewed.