Al-Hajj A. Mikidadi

Director of Programs at Pink Hijab

Al-Hajj A. Mikidadi

Director of Programs at Pink Hijab


Al-Hajj A. Mikidadi stands out as a Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker and Business Consultant. He is a Founder and CEO of AMI Group LLC and Director of Programs at Pink Hijab Tanzania. He is well known as a Think Tank based in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, wealth in entrepreneurial ecosystem knowledge and practices especially training, strategies, coaching and providing technical assistance to the project implementation. For nearly 7 years he has been empowering young people on start-ups and scale ups of the SME’s in Africa and Asia.

Below are number of assignments she has performed:
1. Since 2017 – todate Country Coordinator for WAELE Office in Tanzania
2. Since 2016 – todate Founder of Pink Hijab Initiative Tanzania

Co-Author: Khadija Omari Kayanda


Women and Girls’ Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project exists to capacitate young women and girls on the fundamental entrepreneurship skills and unlock their potential and skill set as an empowerment tool to promote their socio-economic independence and change their own welfare.
The workshop will prepare the participants to start their small business from scratch, providing start-up kit and mentor their growth. The funding system will be contractual based and will be returned to future participants of the program for project sustainability. Most of training beneficiaries don’t have fund to start their business unlike in our project seed fund will be provided and monitored.

Having contract with the ladies to make sure the money is spent on the business in collaboration with microfinance bank, we have an agreement with KCB Bank that all ladies will open account at zero cost, they will provide training on how to operate the savings account and will monitor their business after 1yr they will be granted small loans as a group account.

Women lag far behind men as a share of the workforce in most science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professions, even as demand for those skills increases in order to help the Tanzania remain globally competitive. Some women abandon STEM careers because of sexual harassment or other forms of gender discrimination, and some have sued employers over such conduct. In other cases, girls or young women face obstacles in their schooling that discourage them from pursuing STEM careers. Those obstacles, experts say, include cultural biases that teach girls they are less skilled than boys in math and science, despite research findings to the contrary.
Pink Hijab Initiative sought to leverage on its global continental, regional and national strengths and established a thought leadership gala – Pink Hijab thought leadership Gala.

This is a platform to spotlight issues affecting Tanzanians by encouraging dialogue, shaping opinions and policy directions, and practical solutions to key issues that are critical to the development and growth of Tanzania.

Pink Hijab was launched in 2016, the dialogue includes a keynote speaker and panel members, PHIT partners with Bakwata in charge of each specific topic of discussion. Pink Hijab will also partner with ZBC@ Media and Radio Quraan.

Stakeholders come on board as sponsors and audiences of the event. The Gala receives a 360-degree media coverage meaning across broadcasting, print and digital.