Stephanie Lapensee

Founder & Chief Stategist - Thrive Philanthropy

Stephanie Lapensee

Founder & Chief Stategist - Thrive Philanthropy


Stephanie is the Founder of Thrive Philanthropy, a global consulting firm. She has spoken in front of the US Congress, the UN Security Council, Social Good Summit, etc. She has a Bs. In International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa; a M.s in Public Health and Social Politics from EHESS; a M.s in Nonprofit Management from NYU; a M.s in Liberal Arts & Sustainability Studies from Harvard University.

Co-Author: Conrad M. Smith
Co-Author: Aaron Smith

Literacy & Digital Integration: Delivering on Mission & Impact

Nonprofit organizations are embarking on digital transformation journey with key objectives of improving operational efficiency, increasing employee productivity, providing donor accountability and highlighting program and mission impact. Thrive is proposing IMPACT a digitally integrated solution that plays a pivotal role in this endeavour, enabling the understanding of data across diverse systems, reporting on mission and program goals.

Literacy is the critical first step in the lifelong learning process to improve quality of life, and with creativity and perseverance, nonprofit organizations can measure their success in increasing the impact of literacy programs. Organizations continuously want to improve operational efficiency, increase mission impact, and enhance sector competitiveness but often struggle to find the right modern tools within their allocated budget.
Effective use of technology can spawn innovation, improvements in efficacy, and better delivery on mission. Technology adoption is about strategically selected digital tools that empower staff and stakeholders to deliver on program goals.

As literacy organizations adopt data driven decision-making and impact measurements, digital integration and data collection becomes increasingly important.

Data is essential, but data without the proper analysis is just data. The Thrive Impact Assessment provides performance improvement opportunities and competitive advantage insight from strategic analysis and analytics models that allow management to predict and optimize outcomes.

IMPACT our internally developed tool, was created to assist organizations with the collection and analysis of literacy data that drives the decision process of where to focus organizational resources in a manner that promotes mission impact.

Using modern technical tool-sets IMPACT takes diverse data, spread across an organization, consolidates it into a unified understandable view. With IMPACT’s speed and ease of connecting data, organizations are able to understand real-time data, use predictive analysis, and simulate differing strategies. With actionable data in view key stakeholders are able to adopt a quick and nimble approach to resource deployment, provide real-time accountability reports and understand operational success or improvements.