Wendy Yorke

Literary Agent, Author Coach, Editor - WRITE. EDIT. PUBLISH

Wendy Yorke

Literary Agent, Author Coach, Editor - WRITE. EDIT. PUBLISH


“Wendy Yorke is an international literary agent working across the European, Australian, and Middle Eastern markets. She has a reputation for discovering new talent and has taken a considerable number of debut authors from start-up author to international bestseller status.
As a professional literary agent, author coach and book editor, Wendy came from a long and successful international corporate career to found her own global business; WRITE | EDIT | PUBLISH www.wendyyorke.com

She currently represents authors from: Australia; New Zealand; Canada; Dubai; Ireland; India; Poland; Czechoslovakia; the United States; and the United Kingdom.

Wendy has author coached and/or book edited, seven Amazon bestselling authors since 2017, mainly in the non-fiction, transformational, self-empowerment, spiritual or business books genre; working with books which change people’s lives; and with authors who are high-profile leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers, in their respective fields.

She is a international speaker with experience from the annual Dubai Festival of Literature and the Sharjah Book Fair, in the Middle East; The Centre For Stories in Perth, Western Australia; the Institute of Directors and Waterstones Bookstores, in London; the Author School London; and The Power of Your Story, an annual writers course empowering female authors, in London. In 2014, she was a co-winner of the Thames Heritage Trust John Coleman Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution co-authoring her first book, The Thames Wilderness – A Guide to the Natural Thames, published by Adelard Coles Nautical, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, in 2013. She is currently completing her second book about the iconic River Thames, Walking Beside Water – Exploring the Tributaries of the Thames.

Wendy provides Writers Workshops about the following topics, as required, as well as one-to-one, author coaching sessions, as appropriate.

* Transition From Being An Aspiring Writer to A Bestselling International Published Author
* Access the Clarity, Confidence and Impact You Need to Become a Published Author
* Fast Track Your Book from: Concept to Manuscript Completion; to Self-Editing and Close Critical Review; to Professional Editing and Publication
* Develop Your Writing Habit; What; Why; Who; and How?
* The Importance of Profile; Product; and Platform to Publish
* How To Build a Great Book Structure and Narrative Arc for Your Content

Wendy Yorke
Literary Agent, Author Coach, Book Editor
Published Author, International Speaker

– supporting new authors


“The Power of the Written Word to Change Lives; Transformational Literature; Clarity; Confidence; Impact

Everyone’s story matters and you can inspire, motivate and help other people change their lives by sharing the power of your written words in your book.

Access your inner voice with clarity; write from your heart with confidence; and allow the voice of your soul to unlock your conscious creativity.

Writing a book is a transformational journey. It changes and improves your life, as well as your reader’s lives.

“Wendy Yorke is a professional literary agent, author coach, book editor, Bloomsbury published author and international speaker. Using three of her author’s International bestselling literary examples, she demonstrates how writing books and sharing your message can change, improve and help other people’s lives. Using recently published, non-fiction literary works, she will focus on the topics of: leadership for the future; health revolution; and embracing your fears to allow your brilliance to come forth. She reveals the three critical creative steps to accessing your inner writer’s voice, to write with confidence and create a positive impact in the world. Wendy believes we are all here to help other people and improve other people’s lives one book at a time.

Her presentation will show you how you can write your own bestseller and help change other people’s lives through the power of your written words. Transform from being an aspiring writer with a compelling message to share with the world, to being an international published bestselling author.
She will also reveal – using true-life examples – how reading transformational books can change and improve readers’ lives, including: elevating their sense of being; achieving longer-for goals; and increasing their energetic frequency. ”