Meet The Speakers

Subject to changes

Aaron Friedland

Founder & CEO at Simbi

Abdullah M. Awad

Board Member, We Love Reading

Albert Forn

Director mSchools at GSMA

Alex Gillis

Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Educator Success at Simbi

Amanda Israel

Executive Director, Foundation at Burger King Corporation

Andrew Ashe

Co-founder and CEO onebillion

Andrew Jack

Global Education Editor, Financial Times

Andrew Kay

Founder and CEO - World Literacy Foundation

British A. Robinson

President and CEO - Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy


Lecturer at Federation University, Gippsland.

Caitlin Baron

CEO at the Luminos Fund

Carla Aerts

Director - Tmrw Institute

Cressida Cowell

Author and Illustrator Waterstones Children’s Laureate (2019 – 2021)

Daan Beeke

Dutch Reading Foundation and EURead

David Kirkpatrick

Co-founder of MIT Center for Future Storytelling, President of Paramount Pictures, Production Chief of Walt Disney Studios, optimist, author and teacher.

Denine Torr

Director Community Initiatives, Dollar General

Dr Anthony Cree OAM

Chairman - World Literacy Council

Dr Donald Green

Chair World Literacy Foundation

Dr. Susann Dattenberg-Doyle

Founder, Right for Education

Greig Metzger

Executive Director Little Free Library

Henriette Geiger

Director for People and Peace at the European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development

Horacio Álvarez

Senior Education Specialist at the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB)

Janette Ballard

Lead Project Manager, BBC

Jared Lee

Principal and co-Founder, The Education Outcomes Fund

Jemma Pym

Development Manager of the World Literacy Foundation

Jonathan Douglas

CEO National Literacy Trust

Jyoti Ruparell

Youth Ambassador, World Literacy Foundation and Love of Reading Foundation

Ludger Woessmann

Professor of Economics, University of Munich / Director, ifo Centre for the Economics of Education

Maria del Pilar Rojas Quimbay

Program Manager Sun Books - World Literacy Foundation

Martyn Farrows

COO, SoapBox Labs

Mary McKenna

Founder and Director of NEST-USA

Matthew Rycroft CBE

Permanent Secretary at the Department for International Development

Maurice de Greef

UNESCO Chair on Adult Education, Vrije University Brussel

Minister Li Andersson

Minister of Education, Finland

Miyako Ikeda

Senior Analyst, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Directorate for Education and Skills (OECD)

Monica Burns

Founder of ClassTechTips.com

Patrick Brazier

Chief Executive

Rachel Burden

BBC 5live’s Presenter

Rana Dajani

Associate Professor at Hashemite University

Ruth Sorby

Development Manager - Worldreader

Safiqul Islam

Director, BRAC Education Programme (BEP)

Samantha Sida

Director & Co-Founder at Limited Space

Sophie Edwards


Stacey Fru

Child Author

Stephen Tugwell

Principal, Sacred Heart School

Steve Wind-Mozley

Chief Marketing Officer - Vizrt

Tiina Neuvonen

Thematic Lead in Education, United Nations Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL)

Abigail Gosling

Senior Lecturer - School of Education and English Language, University of Bedfordshire

Adrienne Gear

Teacher/Author/Speaker - Founder Reading Power Gear, ltd. - Simbi Literacy Expert

Al-Hajj A. Mikidadi

Director of Programs at Pink Hijab

Alfred Chidembo

CEO - Aussie Books For Zim

Alinery Lianhlawng

Founder - ROCHUN: Pay it Forward

Alisha Jean-Denis

PhD Candidate - UMASS Amherst

Amelia Hewitt

Associate Professor Early Childhood Education - University of Houston

Amina Humayun Khan

Literacy Specialist - International School of Islamabad (ISOI)

Ana H. Marty

Research Faculty - Florida State University

Ana Sanches de Arêde

Publisher for the Story Makers Press

Andy Salmon

Founder Sir Linkalot’s

Angela Caroline Abraham

CEO - Descriptionari

Ann Attridge

CEO - Klik2learn

Anna Gill

Founder & CEO - Kinephonics® Pty Limited

Annie Field

Developments In Literacy Director

Antonella Di Fiori

Program Coordinator - Reading out of Poverty

Aprile Denise

Founder & Literacy Advisor - Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia

Armene Modi

Founder - Ashta No Kai

Barbara Schindelhauer

Co-author and trainer Let’s visit Numberland

Basirat Razaq-Shuaib

Founder - The Winford Centre for Children and Women

Beryl Irene Bailey

Director of Literacy - Bloomfield, CT Public Schools

Bob Achgill

Mother Tongue literacy researcher - His Hands Reader

Bonnie Johnson, Ph. D.

Profesor of Education - St. John's University

Brenda Erlinger

DIL’s Program Development Director

Bronwyn Sheehan

Founder and CEO -The Pyjama Foundation

Caitlin Lowery

Educator at Lagos Elementary in Manor Independent School District in Manor, Texas

Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar

Assistant Professor of Writing - Bloomsburg University

Catherine Gilliland

Senior Lecturer Language and Literacy - St Mary's University College

Cathy Glover

ESOL teaching and training - City of Glasgow College

Celena Larkey

Founder - Crafted Literacy Collective

Charles Muwangala

World Literacy Foundation - Sunbooks Uganda

Chioma Momah

Initiator/Founder - Let's Encourage A Reading Nation (LEARN)

Cholm Johnson

Director - Boys Read

Christabel Pinto

Senior Director - Room to read, Global Literacy Program

Christina Sturm

Project Coordinator - Bücherpiraten e.V.

Christine Franklin

Researcher - CF Consultancy contracted by Scanning Pens Ltd

Cindy O. Charles

Founder and CEO - Kupanda Sisters, Inc

Claire McLachlan

Dean, School of Education - Federation University Australia


CEO/Director - Happy Readers Zimbabwe

Deborah Grover

Educational Consultant and Director - Beagle Innovations Limited

Debra E.S.Bogle

Author, Principal, Global Innovator, Adjunct Professor/Action Researcher - Academy of the Arts

Dena Grushkin

Founder and Director - The Nigerian School Project & The Dream School Foundation

Diana Garlough

Chair of Licensure and Endorsements/Associate Professor - University of Findlay, College of Education

Dorka Horvath

CEO and Co-Founder - Mra-BOOKR Kids Kft.

Dorothee Gaile

Scientific advisor of the PeP-Project - PeP-Project at Ernst-Reuter-Schule 1

Emilie Strange

Education Coach - Dynamic Minds Academy

Emily Roberts-Tyler

Lecturer and Researcher in Education - Bangor University, School of Education and Human Development

Farzana Ahmad

Doctoral Candidate - University of Waikato

Fraser Hutchinson

Head of Publisher Partnerships - The Reading Agency

Geoff King

Lively Minds

Georgina Harrisson

Deputy Secretary - Department of Education, NSW, Australia.

Gerhard Friedrich

Author of Let’s visit Numberland

Hadiza Gidado

Deputy Director Training - : Impact(Ed) International (Formerly Discovery Learning Alliance)

Hanchao Hou

PhD Student - Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne

Hélène Boëthius

Executive Chair - ALEF, Adult Learning and Empowerment Facilitators

Ian Cheffy

Literacy and Education Senior Consultant - SIL International

Isang Awah

Project Manager - University of Oxford; Department of Social Policy and Intervention

J. David Magee

Founder - OSH literacy

Jacob Bronstein

Director of Operations and WordScientists.org at NEST USA

James Bogle

Program Director, Master of Business for Veterans - University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

James Nahachewsky

Associate Professor - University of Victoria, Faculty of Education

Jane Crofts

Founder and CEO - Data To The People

Jane Kelly

Executive Vice Principal - Harrow Gate Academy

Jeannie van der Linde

Associate professor - University of Pretoria

Jomia Ann Pangilinan

Undergraduate - Computer Science and Cognitive Science, York University

Joy Allcock

Literacy Consultant and Director - Code-Education Ltd

Julia Clouter

Head of Education - Scanning Pens

Julie Beams

Senior Lecturer - School of Education and English Language, University of Bedfordshire

Karen Vogelsang

Executive Director - ARISE2Read

Katherine Perez

Professor Emerita - Saint Marys Clg of California - School of Education

Kathleen Seeman, MRD

Reading Specialist -The College School

Kausalai Kay Wijekuar

Houston Endowed Chair - Texas A&M University

Kaye Lowe

Director - Read4Success

Kevin Wheeler

Chief Executive Officer - Kaizen’s Company

Khadija Omari Kayanda

CEO - Pink Hijab Initiative Tanzania

Kim Pinkerton

Literacy Educator - Texas A&M University-Commerce

Kimberly A. Smith

Technical Advisor & Director Supplementary Resource Development for the Pakistan Reading Project - International Rescue Committee

Kirk R. Person

Senior Education Consultant - SIL International

Lanxi Huang

PhD Candidate - Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

Lily Msae Nyariki

Focal Point - ADEA Books and Learning Materials Section

Louise Courtney

Senior Research Fellow - Australian Counci for Educational Research

Luminita Hartle

Instructional Assistant Professor -Illinois State University

Margaret Chen

Founder - Reading in Colour

Mary French

Executive Director - The Dictionary Project

Mary Otieno


Mary Ressler

English Language Arts teacher in the United States - Literacy Speedway/XPRIZE-

Maysoon Masoud

Research & Development Program Manager. - Queen Rania Foundation

Melinda Thompson

Founder/President - Budding Reader

Melissa Cheese

Assistant Professor of Reading - Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Mohammad Asad

Middle East Youth Ambassador / ICT Officer

Morgan A Belveal

Program Specialist - The Asia Foundation - Books for Asia

Nafez Dakkak

CEO - Queen Rania Foundation

Nasira Habib

Founder-Director - Khoj - Society for People's Education

Olivia Samec

Education Officer - Department for Communities, Child Protection and Family Support

Pamela Gray

Literacy Coach - Manor ISD/Lagos ES

Pamela Underhill

Literacy Coordinator - Angelophone School District North

Patricia Gouthro

Professor in the Graduate Studies of Lifelong Learning program in the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University

Patricia Sierra

Executive Director Pies Descalzos Foundation, a Colombian charity founded by pop artist Shakira.

Paula MacKinnon

Director for Education, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion - Impact(Ed) International

Paula Rico

Program Manager DINGO - World Literacy Foundation

Pauline McLeod

Author - HerbAnn Publications.

Penny Kittle

President, Book Love Foundation - Plymouth State University

Philippa Bodien

BSc in Education and Psychology.

Priscilla Kucer

Co-Chair of the Students, Early Career, and Social Networking Interest Group, - International School Psychology Association

Prue Anderson

Principal Research Fellow - Australian Council for Educational Research

Ralf St.Clair

Professor and Dean - Faculty of Edcuation, University of Victoria

Rania El-Kelani

Co-Founder - Madarek-books.com

Rehan Allahwala

Founder - Institute Of Peace

Renata Eccles

Lecturer and speech-language therapist - University of Pretoria: Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Riswanda Setiadi

Lecturer - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Faculty of Language and Literature Education

Ronke Kokoruwe

Director - iVerbalize Limited

Ryan Brady

Founder / CEO - Hippkids

Saman Rashid

Student City of Vienna

Samantha-Kaye Johnston

Research Scientist and Teaching Academic - Cinglevue International and Curtin University

Sara Pan Algarra

President of ElevatED, NYUAD's Student Group on Education

Sarah Mirza

Assessment Specialist - Mera SABAQ Learning Systems Private Limited

Sarah Novinetz

Project Development Coordinator, World Literacy Foundation - Northern Territory Australia, Indigenous Learning App

Sarah Warring

Adjunct Professor of English - Mohawk Valley Community College

Shahida Maheen

Director Supplementary Resource Development - Pakistan Reading Project

Sharon Kehl Califano

Director, General Studies Strategy - Western Governors University, General Education

Shubhrata Das

Program Manager - Wipro Foundation

Stephen Faul

President & CEO - Frontier College

Susan Bennett-Armistead, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Literacy - University of Maine - Literacy, Language, and Culture

Susan M. Holloway

Associate Professor - Faculty of Education, University of Windsor

Susan Rook

Lecturer in Primary English at Leeds Beckett University

Susan Ruckdeschel

Instructional Designer/Researcher - Blended by Design

Suzanne Bogaerds-Hazenberg

PhD Student - Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, Utrecht University

Thomas Cornell

Interim Dean, School of Education -Webster University

Tina Daniel-Zitzlaff

PhD Candidate - Deakin University

Valerie L. Williams-Sanchez

Doctoral Student - St. John's University, Department of Education, Queens, New York, USA

Vinod Karate

CEO & Founder - The Teacher APP

Wei Zhang

Associate Professor of Linguistics; TESOL - The Department of English The University of Akron

Wendy Yorke

Literary Agent, Author Coach, Editor - WRITE. EDIT. PUBLISH

William Dee Nichols, Ph.D.

Professor of Literacy - University of Maine - Literacy, Language, and Culture

Yue-Yi Hwa

Research Fellow - Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE)

Yvonne Pratt-Johnson

Profesor of Education - St. John's University

Zoltan Pompor

Educational Developer - The Curriculum and Learning Material Developing Group of the Reformed Church in Hungary