Girl Power Through Literacy

By Dr. Jill Tussey and Dr. Leslie Haas

The reader will gain an understanding about the importance of embedding literacy resources and activities in the classroom to support female students. Sample activities and additional resources are provided.

Why Knowing the 44 Sounds of English is so Critical to English Literacy

By R. Kali Woodward

FUNetix is a groundbreaking reading app created for children ages 5-9 and based on 17 years of research. Learn why knowing the 44 Sounds of English is so critical to English literacy and how the history of reading and the neuroscience of reading are embedded in this app in this blog article.

Fluency and Goal Setting for Elementary Students

By Dr. Leslie Haas & Dr. Jill Tussey

Digital literacy supports social communication in an online environment, and offers engaging opportunities to interpret and create language experiences through the integration of popular culture and culturally responsive pedagogical practices.

Digital Learning in the Times of COVID-19

By The World Literacy Foundation

EdTech has assisted in the shift from traditional classes to at-home learning. However, remote learning has also widen the digital divide.

Online Teaching, not the Future Anymore

By Sarah Warring

As everyone, who isn’t hiding under a rock, knows, the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the globe. Due to this, in the United States, almost all industries have been forced to shut down in-person work.