Organizing Partners and Founders

World Literacy Foundation

The World Literacy Foundation provides free access to educational materials and solutions as a means to ensure that every individuals, regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to develop literacy skills.

World Literacy Council

The World Literacy Council supports and facilitates connections between educational organizations across the globe. Their goal is to raise awareness of the state of literacy rates by building strong links between literacy groups.


Media Partnerships

Philanthropy Age

Philanthropy Age is the leading source of philanthropic news, views, trends and analysis for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.


Supporting Partners

EU Read

Eu Read is an association of European reading promotion organizations. Their aim is to exchange knowledge and develop strategies for the promotion of reading.


Simbi encourages people to “read for good”. Their products enable readers to read along and read aloud to a growing library of books with culturally-diverse narrorator accents.

Elanor Curtain Publishing

Elanor Curtain Publishing are an independently owned, Australian educational publisher. Their goal is to provide engaging and relevant content that students can connect to.

Sir Linkalot

Sir Linkalot (Andy Salmon’s alter ego) and Susie Lexicographer (Countdown’s Susie Dent) will be demonstrating how the award-winning Sir Linkalot app (Bett Show’s ‘Best App’) is changing how children learn to spell tricky words, all the way from They up to Onomatopoeia by the use of 10/15 second animations along with quirky music and their voiceovers. A primary head says it all…”Sir Linkalot will become the basis for how our children learn to spell.” A game-changer.


Sun Books

A “Sun Book”  is a digital learning tool with preloaded software for groups of children to learn to read through collaboration and discovery. Each tablet can hold 300 ebooks and 300 additional learning resources. The e-book building technology and the software “Tendril” play a critical role in the ability to bring together two languages and incorporate localized content such as illustrations and pictures.


The digital learning tool that aims to develop and enhance literacy skills in both; Spanish and English in children from a low-income background in Colombia. This is a collaborative project developed by volunteers, partners and the children themselves, to empower disadvantaged children to become global citizens and participate in the creation of a more just, peaceful, inclusive, secure and sustainable world.

Indigenous Learning App


Blended by Design

All Digital Literacy Course Modules are evidence-based, and use only strategies taken from what current research supports about how students should be taught to read on digital devices. Also included are modules that teach student how to scan, research, and interpret information on the World Wide Web without succumbing to ineffective research and false information

Journey 2 Basic Skills

The team behind ‘Journey 2 Basic Skills’ will be explaining how they met the challenge of teaching people to read and write English with just a mobile phone. The journey not only takes learners round the world, it gets them reading about the daily lives of Stan, Pam and Fat Cat. ‘Could transform some regions.’ BETT

World Scientists

Boost your teaching with WordScientists.org! Gain access to engaging books, videos, and activities for your beginning readers. Resources are seamlessly integrated with lesson guides for effective teaching: adaptable to any classroom and accessible at all technology levels. Transform the way you teach and the way your students learn with the WordScientists.org software.

His Hands Reader

The His Hands Reader is a crowd sourced CBT solution to scale-up no cost Mother Tongue Based – Multi Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) to all 7,000 languages for both Hearing and Deaf.  Come see the technology in action.  You can add your language or hand signs in just 30 hours using your Android phone and watch your efforts multiply across the globe.