Chioma Momah

Initiator/Founder - Let's Encourage A Reading Nation (LEARN)
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Chioma Momah

Initiator/Founder - Let's Encourage A Reading Nation (LEARN)


“Chioma is a regulatory sector lawyer. She is a member of the Nigerian Bar and the Chartered Institute of
A children’s book author she started the L.E.A.R.N program in schools where she speaks on reading and
writing skills. She is passionate about encouraging working mothers though her blog”

Raising readers through parental involvement

“A paper that looks at the need for parental involvement in early reading ability and proficiency as well and the
importance of reading programs especially for children raised by non-literate parents. The author spoke to several
parents as well as looked at a few literacy programs including one she initiated called L.E.A.R.N (Let’s encourage
a reading nation”

In the past, before formal education was the norm children were taught to read by their parents. However these days the role of reading instruction has more or less been relinquished to the formal school system thus causing many parents to be totally uninvolved in their children’s reading.
However research has shown that the foundation of a good reader is set at home through the several actions the parents take. Action’s such as reading to children, being readers themselves, involvement in reading programs and so on.
This paper try’s to show the impact and the importance of some of these actions that parents must especially at the early stage of their children’s development to ensure their children are prolific readers. It also looks at the impact of reading programs especially where the parents are non-literate and cannot offer the necessary reading
This research which is aimed at educators and parents was conducted using the experience of some reading parents as well as the experiences of initiators of reading programs such as “Lets Encourage A Reading Nation “. At the end of the presentation the expected outcome is that attendeees will see that early parental involvement as well as literary programs actually go a long way in ensuring that children learn to read early and a result stand a better chance at succeeding academically as well as have better outcomes for a good life as reading changes lives for the better.