Pauline McLeod

Author - HerbAnn Publications.
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Pauline McLeod

Author - HerbAnn Publications.


“Pauline McLeod. BA Teach, Dip eTech.
20 years teaching experience in primary education specializing in literacy
Three years advisory experience with University of Waikato Education. Dept.
Presented at ULearn Conferences New Zealand 2002-2009,
International Conferences 2005 85th International Conference Kansas USA,
2006 ACFC Conference , Cairns Australia,
Hosted World Vision “”The Sunflower Connection “” in Malawi. 1999
Self Publishing Author
Volunteer teacher in Uganda
Nationality- New Zealander

Banana Cakes, 2000 books and an I Pad make a difference

The story of two people working together from either sides of the world writing children’s stories and boosting student and community awareness in literacy.

As a retired school teacher, I followed my dream and started helping out at a school in Kangulumira, a small town south of the Ugandan capital. Here my literacy passion exploded. Although originally tasked as helping out in an art class; I couldn’t help myself and started motivating teachers and kids to read. There were no books, no library and no interest in reading. With the help of Mr Charles Muwangala a deputy head master, an amazing leader in the school, my family and two communities we together have helped to create change. What started with making banana cakes, grew into the creation of story books from the students experiences and beyond. Together with parents, there has been the creation of libraries with over 1500 books and a interest in the love of reading. With the help of an ipad, kids now write to New Zealand school children as pen pals which helps with reading and writing. Kangulmira and Maligita Primary schools have grown into a place of learning with libraries, soccer teams, science fairs and school trips. Over the past four years, this one initial community of one school with 1200 students has grown to 6 schools with over 3,000 students. Change CAN start with just one individual, even just a retired schoolteacher from New Zealand.